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The Object Collectors Item Women boutique

Chaque vêtement a son propre univers, appuyant sur le fait que ce sont des modèles rares, révélant la personnalité de chaque femme. Object Collectors Item propose différents modèles comme un top fleuri, un slim coloré ou un cardigan imprimé. Idée originale et commerciale, la marque Object Collectors Item se fait apprécier pour son originalité et sa touche créatrice.

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The Object Collectors Item Women boutique

If you mix the true Scandinavian heritage of clean design with a multi cultural and colorful vibe, add creativity, some raw street flavor and a tad of humor, you will see the fundament of Object Collectors Item and True Objects starts to take form. Our design is created in the twilight zone between a straight to the point urban attitude and a playful, humorous yet sassy style. Object Collectors Item saw the day of light in 2003 in Denmark. Born in Scandinavia with a multi cultural feeling it quickly become a success in most of Europe with approximately 750 clients in Holland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Object Collectors Item

Top - essie ss top tu 66 - Red / Burgundy

22.50€ 35€

22.50€ 35€

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